Box World

  • Unity 3D

Create beautiful environments with this package of content for Unity 3d


  • 4 rock / dirt cubes with 8 color variations
  • 4 Grass cubes with 8 color variations
  • 1 Water cube
  • 2 Trees with 8 color variations
  • 2 Pine trees with 8 color variations
  • 3 basic elements: rocks, stairs, railings


Heroes of Nyria for Android

The kingdom of Nyria has been conquered by the powerful necromancer, it is time to regroup the heroes and return the peace to the kingdom once again in a special version for android!

In Development

Coming soon

In addition to the continuous improvements on the page, a new project is being developed, but it is still too early to give information. When possible, there will be news in my networks or on this site. Be aware!