Marker Mauro - Indie Developer
Heroes of Nyria

The kingdom of Nyria has been conquered by the necromancer, it is time to regroup the heroes and return peace to the kingdom once more.

Liberates the territories of Nyria eliminating the army of the necromancer and rescues other heroes with different skills that will help complete the stages.

Try the free demo of 15 levels!!

Battle across 50 stages in the 5 different territories of Nyria.
Rescue and play with 16 heroes.
Challenge yourself with up to 2 difficulty modes.
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How to play:

In order to progress, in each stage you must eliminate all the enemies or escape with all the heroes through the portals.

Select the hero that best fits the stage.

Move: arrow keys.

Basic Attack: A.

Special Attack: S.

The game is compressed (Zip file), you must decompress the game in the location you prefer and launch Heroes of Nyria.exe

Recommended requierements:
Processor: Intel I3 or better.
Video card: GeForce 450 (equivalent AMD card or Intel card) or better.
Memory: 1 gb free.
Platforms is a puzzle game where you must get all the batteries int the room and find the exit, through several traps withnout getting caught up in them, in order to archive the best time and number of steeps possible.
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Box World
Create beautiful environments with this asset pack for Unity3D!
Package contains:
4 Rock/ground boxes with 8 color variations.
4 Grass boxes with 8 color variations.
1 Water box.
2 Trees with 8 color variations.
2 Pines with 8 color variations.
3 Basic props: rocks, stair and fence.
And much more comign!
Available on asset store
WebGL or Android APK
Blade Race
Customize your character and defeat your opponents in a battle-race arena!
Edit the appearance and stats of your character.
Challenging AI
Random/procedural maps
Multiple abilities to adventage your opponents.
The game is currently in "Technical Preview", art and some features are not final, there is a lot of things to do :D
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